Porting Your Number to teleCalm

If you are wanting to keep your existing phone number when changing over to teleCalm service, please follow the instructions below


1. Complete & sign the Number Porting Authorization form (See link below).

Required for any phone number port, the Number Porting Authorization form is necessary. When signed, the form explicitly proves that the primary account holder authorizes the transfer to a new carrier. Be sure to sign this document and fill it out completely.

Click to download LOA Form

2. Provide a copy of your phone bill.

Find your most recent phone bill and send us a complete copy. You may be able to download a PDF of this bill from your provider’s website. Because key information can be spread across multiple pages, it is best to submit the entire copy to prevent a delay in the transfer.

IMPORTANT: The information on the Authorization form, including account holder’s name and service address for the number you’re porting, must match exactly what the current provider has on file for the number and what appears on the most recent bill.

3. For wireless customers and some cable TV phone customers, a PIN will be required.

All wireless carriers and some cable TV or VoIP telephone carriers require either a PIN, or some kind of password, to release a number and allow it to be ported to another carrier. Many times, this PIN/Security Code is printed on the bill or available in your account online. If you are unsure, please contact your current carrier.

4. For customers with a bundle, contact carrier to separate the phone number from the bundle.

If porting over a number that is part of a bundle, you will need to separate the number from the bundle to prevent the entire bundle being cancelled when the port completes. The request from teleCalm ONLY covers the phone number, and teleCalm is not responsible for cancellation of bundled service by your carrier.

5. Sign and return the Authorization form along with recent phone bill.

Use one of the methods below to send the completed Number Porting Authorization form along with a recent copy of your phone bill to us:

  • Email: support@teleCalmProtects.com
  • Fax: 469-378-5088
  • Mail: teleCalm, Five Cowboys Way, Suite 300, Frisco, TX 75034 (NOTE: Mailing will increase processing time).

6. Do not cancel your existing phone service.

The port process will cancel your existing (old) phone service. If you do it too early, you will lose your phone number. This process is not immediate, it can take up to 10 days.

7. We will notify you once porting is complete and charge your account $5.00 for processing.


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