How is this different than other phone services?

teleCalm is the only phone service offering features specifically designed for families living with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive challenges. The service is the only one managed remotely by the caregiver, via their smartphone. teleCalm is the only phone service that allows you to block both incoming and outgoing calls from your loved one’s phones.

Is this Internet phone service?

Yes. teleCalm home phone service works over your loved one’s high-speed internet connection using Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology.

What type of internet is required?

teleCalm works with any high-speed Internet connection. We’re not an Internet Service Provider, so broadband Internet service will need to be in place.

Will this replace the current home phone service for my loved one?

The teleCalm phone service easily replaces your loved one’s current home phone service. Some customers forward their loved one’s existing phone service to teleCalm for a short time during the transition.

Can my loved one keep their same phone number?

Yes, teleCalm can transfer (port) your loved one’s existing number to teleCalm. Please note that the transfer process can take up to three weeks and you must keep the current phone service until the transfer is complete.

What if my loved one doesn't have a phone number?

If you don’t have an existing phone number, or don’t want to transfer a current number, we’ll be happy to give you a new number when you sign up.

Can I install the teleCalm adapter myself?

Yes, it’s very simple. An installation guide is included with your teleCalm box.

Can I import my loved one's contacts to the approved caller list?

Yes. You can provide us a file of your loved one’s contacts (approved callers), just contact teleCalm Support or your personal Customer Success Manager.

How soon can I begin using teleCalm once I sign up?

If you ordered online, the total equipment delivery time may vary depending on your location. Since teleCalm adapters come plug-in ready, you can begin using the service as soon as you’ve completed the few installation steps.

Can the teleCalm service change locations if my loved one moves?

Yes, the teleCalm service can be moved with your loved one. Please contact us to update your loved one’s address, so that their 911 address is correct.

Does teleCalm provide 911 service?

Yes, we provide e911 service. Upon signup for service, you will be contacted to verify the physical address of your loved one. The physical address provided is used to route the e911 call to a local emergency response center.

Does 911 service work during a power or internet service outage?

911 service will not function in the event of a broadband or power outage, or if your broadband, ISP or teleCalm service is suspended or disconnected.

Can I disable the teleCalm 'calling rules' at anytime?

Yes, through your Caregiver app you can disable and enable the teleCalm calling rules in the Settings screen. When you disable the teleCalm calling rules, it becomes a standard home phone service. However, telemarketers and scammers can now easily reach your loved one. 911 service will functionality will be unaffected.

Are there any per-minute charges or long distance charges?

Your teleCalm service includes unlimited calling minutes and no long distance charges for calls within the USA.

Are my credit card transactions secure?

Yes, all the information you enter and submit is secure. We use the highest level of security for all online transactions. teleCalm does not store any credit card information and uses Stripe, securely processing billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses

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