teleCalm Trust reduces robocalls, scammers, and telemarketers in a whole new way!

teleCalm Trust is the best choice for for independent seniors who want a home phone service that blocks robocallers and scammers. 

For teleCalm’s enhanced features, check out teleCalm Caregiver, which allows family caregivers to manage both incoming and outgoing calls, plus late-night and repeated calls.

At teleCalm, we believe that trust should be earned.

Our proprietary system learns over time who the trusted contacts are based on their calling habits.

With teleCalm Trust, the first few times a person calls, they will be given a randomly generated 3-digit code, commonly known as Captcha. When they enter the code correctly, their call will ring through.

Using our new machine learning technology, teleCalm Trust builds relationships over time, customized for family and friends. Once these contacts are proven trustworthy, they are no longer asked to enter a code. Their calls then ring straight through.

Other call blocking services only check the caller-ID against spam databases that constantly require updating. Unfortunately, many bad callers are “spoofing” or temporarily stealing legitimate phone numbers that don’t appear in spam databases. teleCalm Trust does not rely on these databases that are always ‘catching up’ with spam callers!

The bottom line is you can trust that when the phone rings, it’s worth picking up. It’s that simple.

How it works

When someone calls you for the first time, our system will answer and give them a random 3-digit code to enter.

  • When they enter this code correctly, their call will ring through to your phone. 
  • If they do not enter a code or they enter it incorrectly, their call will be blocked and they will have to call again.

The more you talk, the more that caller earns your Trust. Once our system determines they are trustworthy, they will no longer be asked for a code – their calls will automatically go through.

Telemarketers, scammers, and robocallers look for easy targets. When challenged to enter a code, they will give up and move on to someone else!


teleCalm Trust is available to seniors living at home and in an assisted living community. 

You can sign up for teleCalm Trust service here.

Consider teleCalm Caregiver vs. teleCalm Trust

Sometimes our loved ones need a little extra help.

Aging often brings bad telephone habits. Some caregivers cope with repeat dialing, late-night calls, and inappropriate 911 dialing.

Crooks prey on seniors. Phone scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. Bad apples in the family con money that grandma or grandpa need.

Solve common telephone problems like these.

Click to learn more about teleCalm Caregiver service.

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