How teleCalm’s Caregiver Service Works

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teleCalm Caregiver stops problem calls for seniors living with Alzheimer’s & dementia.

Our life-changing phone service empowers the family caregiver to stop late-night calls, repeated calls, 911 abuse, and protects seniors from deliberate and targeted fraud.

Family caregivers subscribe to the phone service for their loved one, replacing any existing phone service provider. Our service works with any standard home telephone, both corded and cordless.

The family caregiver manages all the features and benefits of the service remotely through the teleCalm Caregiver app, including:

    • Managing trusted contacts for incoming and outgoing calls
    • Setting up Quiet Hours, if late-night calling is an issue
    • Setting up Repeat Dialing, if needed to curb repeated call issues 

How it works

The teleCalm service evaluates each incoming and outgoing call, deciding whether the call should be allowed, blocked, or re-routed.

Only incoming calls from trusted contacts ring on the senior’s telephone. This protects the senior living with Alzheimer’s from all telemarketers and scam calls.

Outgoing calls can be filtered as well, to block certain calls to unwanted destinations or to limit calls only to family and friends.

teleCalm’s Quiet Hours and Repeat Dialing features help for those seniors where late-night and repeated calls are the problem behaviors as a result of their dementia.

9-1-1 Solutions

teleCalm offers normal 9-1-1 service by default, immediately connecting the call to the 911 operator in their area based on the address provided by the family member.

We also offer solutions for those who make unnecessary 9-1-1 calls:

  • For seniors living in Assisted Living and Memory Care communities who continually make unnecessary 9-1-1 calls, teleCalm is able to re-route these calls to an on-site nurse station instead.
  • For seniors needing a 9-1-1 solution at home, Priority Response is a great add-on to the teleCalm Caregiver service.

teleCalm provides phone service that’s easy to set up using our adapter and works with or without internet. Simply plug the teleCalm adapter into a power outlet and plug the telephone directly into the back of our adapter. The adapter will use its own built-in cellular service to keep your loved one connected. Here’s a quick video to show how.

If your loved one has dedicated internet in their home or apartment (an internet router with available Ethernet port), then you can also plug our adapter directly into an available Ethernet port on the back of the internet router.

You can sign up for teleCalm Caregiver service here.


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