teleCalm Caregiver

Perfect for home, assisted living, & memory care

teleCalm’s Caregiver service stops problem calls for families living with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive challenges, both at home and in senior living communities. This landline service empowers family caregivers to stop late-night calls, repeated calls, and 911 abuse, while protecting loved ones from deliberate and targeted fraud.


  • Stops repeat dialing and late-night calls
  • Filters both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Stops unwanted 911 calls in senior living
  • All managed by family with Caregiver app
  • Hardware adapter provided free during service
  • Installs in minutes (Self Install)
  • Works with your existing landline phone
  • Unlimited local and long distance


plus $60 activation fee (non-refundable)

Recurring plan starts immediately
Free FedEx 2-Day Air shipping

Month-to-month service with no long term commitments – you may cancel at anytime (return hardware on cancellation)

Subscription Form

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