The teleCalm Caregiver App has a new release, and it’s available now on the App Store and Google Play Store! Many requested features are now available in this release!

Repeat Dialing
The repeat dialing feature will automatically detect when your loved one starts calling the same contact over and over again, within a specified period of time, and block those outgoing calls. You can even be notified that the feature has been activated. See the blog post “Repeat Dialing Feature Promotes Peace of Mind” for more detail on how it works.

Enhanced Quiet Hours
You can now set up two different ranges of time to have quiet hours – one during nighttime hours and one during daytime hours. These ranges work independent of each other, so you can customize this feature to what works best for your loved one and your family.

You can now also enable or disable the “press 5 to dial out.” When turned on, your loved one can press any key to connect their call, even during quiet hours. You now have the ability to turn off that feature.

Enable / Disable Voicemail
You as the caregiver can now enable or disable the ability for Contacts or Strangers to leave voicemails. This is particularly handy if your loved one has an answering machine. Or you’d rather not let callers leave voicemails to the app.

To update your Caregiver App on iPhone, go to the App Store and search for teleCalm Caregiver. Once you find it, click on Update! On Android, go to the Google Play Store and search for teleCalm Caregiver. Once you install the new App, you may have to uninstall version 1.0.

Questions? Contact teleCalm Support at 888-701-0411 (call or text) or at

At teleCalm, our mission is to improve quality of life for families and caregivers living with Alzheimer’s and other memory issues. To instantly stop all telemarketers and scammers from harassing your loved one, get protected with teleCalm today! Sign up today!