How teleCalm Reduces Senior Isolation during COVID-19

People often ask: How can teleCalm Caregiver Service reduce isolation? Why is teleCalm the best phone service choice for families living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias?

In order to answer those questions, it’s important to review why social isolation is a problem for seniors, and how COVID-19 makes senior isolation worse.

COVID-19 Increases Senior Isolation

“Social distancing” is a term you hear over and over again in this age of COVID-19. However, for seniors this distancing can lead to isolation, which can have long-term affects.

Even before the current pandemic, isolation hurt 1 in 5 older Americans. That’s more than 8 million Americans age 50 or older. Isolation leads to loneliness and depression, often resulting in diminished mental and emotional health. (Learn more about social isolation from the AARP Foundation.)

But now with a nationwide lockdown for senior living communities, this isolation is intensified. Many seniors are now confined to their rooms for prolonged periods of time in order to protect their health.

This lockdown also means that seniors can no longer socialize with their friends within the community, and family and friends from the outside are banned from visiting as well. Seniors with any cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s or other dementias, are often harder hit, with this new stress leading to additional problematic behaviors.

Keeping seniors safe from the coronavirus is vital. Caregivers should consider ways to keep older family members and friends physically distanced, but still socially connected and engages. That’s why many caregivers arrange a telephone for their loved-ones, to keep in contact while remaining safe, and warding off isolation and depression.

teleCalm Keeps Seniors Connected Despite ‘Social Distancing’

For over two years, teleCalm has helped hundreds of families overcome isolation problems for seniors living both at home and in over 160 senior living communities. With the increased challenges presented by COVID-19, teleCalm’s proven service provides a vital lifeline between families and their loved ones.

teleCalm’s patented phone service can be life-changing, empowering the family caregiver to stop problem phone behaviors. Behaviors including late-night calls and repeated calls, as well as 911 abuse. And teleCalm can still be installed during the coronavirus crisis, both at home and in senior living communities.

teleCalm also protects seniors from deliberate and targeted fraud by telemarketers and scammers. Already there are reports of new scams focused on COVID-19 (watch this PSA about COVID scams). Scammers claim to have home test kits or cures for sale, or that they are from the government and need a Social Security Number to distribute relief money. teleCalm completely stops all these predatory calls.

Addressing these issues can open up a new world to seniors, enriching their lives and keeping them safe in these harrowing times.

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