Caregiver being woken upSarah’s phone rang almost every night around 3am. Her mother was calling, frantic that they were going to miss their weekly hair appointment. Night after night, Sarah reassured her mother. No, they were not going to miss the trip she looked forward to all week. As a result of her mother’s progressing dementia, the calls became more frequent and more stressful.

Caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementias are familiar with this behavior. As the behavior continues, so does their loss of concentration and sleep. As a result, caregivers can begin to experience stress, depression, and burnout. A lack of self-care can eventually lead to caregivers experiencing their own health problems. Visit the Caregiving Resource Center to get support and resources.

However, turning your phone off during the night causes even more stress. Taking the phone away from your loved one isn’t the answer. No phone can lead to their isolation and loneliness, and no way to communicate with friends and family.

teleCalm® helps manage these disruptive calls without removing the phone or upsetting your loved one. The Quiet Hours℠ feature is part of teleCalm’s Caregiver phone service, and can be activated within the Caregiver App. After activation, you set time ranges for Quiet Hours. During these times, your loved one cannot make calls.

If your loved one tries to make a call during Quiet Hours, they will hear a personalized voice message in your voice. The message reassures them and asking them to call again later. Also, during Quiet Hours, no one is allowed to bother your loved one, creating undisrupted time for them as well.


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