Repeat Dialing Stress

Receiving the same call over and over again from your mom who doesn’t remember is many things – Disruptive. Confusing. Stressful. Tiring. And above all, disheartening.

If you don’t watch yourself, you can end up saying something to your mom out of stress that hurts her feelings and makes matters worse.

Unfortunately, repeat dialing is a common behavior of seniors with memory issues like Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Many caregivers struggle to deal with compulsive calling habits.

You can find several options to cope with behaviors like repeated calling. For example, some caregivers find benefit from the advice in this UCLA Health Caregiver Training videos.

Other caregivers take away their loved-one’s phone or move them into a senior residence to solve a repeat calling habit. Maybe you have considered taking your mom’s phone away. But then you wonder – how will you be able to contact your mom? And are you taking away yet another lifeline, inflicting additional loneliness and isolation on her? And what about 911? How can your mom call emergency services without a phone?

teleCalm® offers a better solution for compulsive calling. Repeat Dialing℠ is a standard option included for free with teleCalm Caregiver phone service. We find that 28% of customers subscribe to teleCalm because they want to manage repeated calling. These customers give positive feedback for teleCalm’s Repeat Dialing feature.

You can easily activate and customize the teleCalm Repeat Dialing feature in the teleCalm Caregiver App. The Repeat Dialing feature automatically triggers when your mom dials the same person too many times in a defined period. Then, teleCalm automatically blocks additional call attempts until your mom calms down. As caregiver, you can also choose to receive text notifications when your mom starts compulsive repeat dialing. This gives you the opportunity to reach out and try to help.

With the Repeat Dialing feature activated, your mom will hear a simple message when she tries to make repeated calls. The message tells your mom that the person she’s trying to call is not available, and gently suggests she try to call again later. Eventually, when the repeat dialing behavior stops, the Repeat Dialing feature automatically lets your mom dial out again normally.


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