As seniors age, doing simple tasks such as using the phone become difficult and frustrating. This is not just because of dexterity and visual acuity problems, but also because of thinking and memory related issues. It’s also important to keep seniors connected and socially active. The feeling of independence and connectedness a phone provides greatly enhances their feeling of well-being. Two phone solutions try to extend the time seniors can stay connected by phone by overcoming these age-related limitations. GreatCall’s Jitterbug addresses cell phones, while teleCalm focuses on the home phone.

Cell Phones:

For seniors wanting the portability of a cell phone, Jitterbug offers two options:

The Smart2 is their smartphone designed for seniors, with basic and easy to use apps. The Flip is a traditional flip phone but enhanced with bigger buttons. Both have simplified menus to make navigating easy, built-in cameras, and long-lasting batteries.

While cell phones can sometimes be full of confusing and unnecessary features, Jitterbug phones are stripped down to make them basic and easy to use. The oversized display makes using the apps and buttons easy, with plenty of room to press buttons. Navigating the menus and options are simplified and use oversize Yes/No buttons. Getting from screen to screen and figuring out how to activate tabs and icons is much easier and intuitive than a traditional cell phone.

Seniors are often challenged by eye sight that is deteriorating and hearing that is less acute than their younger counterparts. Jitterbug addresses this by using large numbers on a backlit keypad, which really comes in handy in difficult lighting. The easy to use speaker phone that is louder than the average cell phone. Additionally, GreatCall’s exclusive 5Star Urgent Response service is available using a button on the Flip, or an app on the Smart2. The phones also have with built in magnifying glass and flashlight.

For any senior that has found the use of a cell phone physically challenging, GreatCall can extend the time that a cell phone is advantageous and useful.

Traditional Home Phone:

Seniors deal with multiple issues with cell phones. Eventually, they will find them too complex, confusing, easily misplaced, and a source of frustration. Unfortunately, as memory issues and confusion develop, seniors become much more susceptible to phone scams and start exhibiting phone usage habits that can become problematic.

teleCalm® offers two levels of stress-free home phone service for seniors, both designed to stop problem calls and keep seniors connected with family and friends. Both services use any traditional home phone the senior wants, even an older phone they preferred years ago. No internet is required and there are no contracts.

The Essentials service is for independent seniors and filters out scam and telemarketer calls before they have a chance to ring through to the senior’s phone. The Caregiver service offers the filtering service of Essentials, as well as the Family Caregiver App. The App empowers family caregivers to manage loved one’s phone service and a whole host of problem-solving features remotely.

Quiet Hours: Set custom quiet hours to manage incoming and outgoing calls
Curb Repeat Dialing: Stop multiple outgoing calls in a short time period
Outgoing Call Filtering: Prevent outgoing calls to TV shopping and other ads
911 Re-Routing: Curb inappropriate 911 calls by routing them to memory care & assisted living staff

While Jitterbug is geared more for the senior with physical limitations, teleCalm targets memory problems and allows the senior to retain their phone longer, without it becoming a source of irritation for loved ones or a conduit for scammers to exploit them.

teleCalm immediately stops all telemarketers and scammers from reaching your loved one over the phone. Find peace of mind for yourself and your loved one. Know that your senior is protected while still being connected to family and friends. Retain their dignity and independence. Sign up today.