Scam AlertUPDATE – May 2019

Are you getting unwanted phone calls from country code 222 or 223? The One Ring call scam has surged back in the last few weeks, with the FCC issuing an alert to consumers. This new wave of one ring calls started from the West African country of Mauritania, with country code of 222. After the alert was released, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai tweeted “In addition to #robocalls from Mauritania’s 222 country code, consumers should be on the lookout for unknown, late-night calls from Sierra Leone (country code 232) or elsewhere. Do not call them back!”

What should you do?

  • Never call back a number you do not recognize.
  • Ask your phone provider to block outgoing calls to international numbers to stop accidental calls that could be costly.
  • Unless you know someone in Mauritania or Sierra Leone, don’t call anyone in those country codes.
  • If you’ve received these calls, file a complaint with the FCC.
  • If you’ve incurred charges from one of this scam, try to resolve it with your phone carrier. If that fails, file a complaint with the FCC.
  • Stop unwanted phone calls for good! Sign up for teleCalm landline phone service. teleCalm blocks all robocalls or scam calls, and offers many additional unique features which help seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.


Original Post (April 12, 2017)

You may have recently heard about the ‘One-Ring’ scam. Here’s how it works: your phone rings once and then the call ends. Curious, you use the caller ID to return the call. Unknowingly, you are calling a foreign country. While you are kept on the line as long as possible, you are being charged international call fees, high per minute charges, and sometimes being pressured into signing up for pricey services.

While the media is sensationalizing it, this scam is still something to look out for. And at teleCalm, we want to make sure your phone communications are as safe as possible. That’s why we’ve made an upgrade to our service. Seniors with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive challenges are especially susceptible to such scams, as well as accidentally placing expensive international calls due to misdialing.

teleCalm is now blocking all incoming and outgoing calls to and from strangers in the countries associated with the one-ring scam. Calls to and from contacts in the Caregiver app will be allowed as normal, regardless of the country code. The countries are primarily in the Caribbean, and include the following area codes: 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876.

If you ever hear about a new scam or fraud, one of the easiest places you can go for information is You can quickly search on keywords, and get information on whether it is a real scam, or just rumor running rampant on the internet. For more information on the one-ring scam, go to

Other great resources are:
AARP Fraud Watch Network
-Scams and Frauds
-State Consumer Protection Offices
Federal Trade Commission Pass It On
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

teleCalm immediately stops all telemarketers and scammers from reaching your loved one over the phone. Find peace of mind for yourself and your loved one. Know that your senior is protected while still being connected to family and friends. Retain their dignity and independence. Sign up today.